Unique way in teaching, suit individual needs instead of repetitive, and routine style. Practical examples and compare and contrast model to have deep understanding of the subject and make grasping of underlying concepts, to make oneself independently solve an problem.
  • Computer Science
    Basic questions like:
    How Variables work in Computer science?
    How they are relate to Algebra?

    Intermediate Questions like:
    What is a reference of a variable?
    What is lvalue and rvalue?

    Advanced Questions like:
    Memory allocation and garbage collection
    Why do we need to have to define a size for an array?

    Depending the grade level, from upper elementary school to undergrad, the goal is to improve one's capabilities to target their goal - improve grades, homework help, or jumpstart.

  • Mathematics
    Be it a problem in Algebra 1, Algebra 2, pre-calculus or Calculus, the goal is make understand the concepts and solve the problems independently.